Unimat ML MetalLine 6 in 1 Power Tool Lathe Milling Modular Benchtop Tool 83001

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830-01 Unimat 6 in 1 Metal-line set - all full metal parts slides, tailstock and intermediate pieces are composed of metal, manufactured and treated on cutting-edge cnc machines for perfect alignment. This guarantees a high level of precision despite the modularity of all machines. The Unimat Metal-line excels in model making, technical education, as well as in industrial use with features like: 

  • Enhanced stability and precision of the entire system 
  • Modular structure and easy handling 
  • Lowest tolerances due to precisely fitting bearing seats 
  • True-running accuracy through dust protected industrial ball bearings 
  • Re-adjustable backlash and adjustable dovetail guides
  • Flat milled, grinded and matched components Increased wall thickness of the profiles (torsion resistant and stable)
  • Metal zero-adjustable hand wheels (0.05mm scale) all Unimat metaline pieces are compatible with the Unimat classic.