SOLID RECTANGULAR ROD 4.00mm range styrene plastic polystyrene MS 1619 PLASTRUCT

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Plastruct 4.0mm Solid Rectangular Rod Range

Use for bracing and strapping, or for steel and wood members in all forms of structure.
A wide variety of hobby and craft uses including scratch building, model railway or war gaming projects. Ideal for museum quality and smaller scale model construction where assembly speed, profile accuracy and cost are the determining factors.


Actual Size (mm)
MS-1619P 4.0 4.8 250 5
MS-1625P 4.0 6.4 250 5


PLASTRUCT scratch building products cover every part of any high-quality large or smaller scale model construction project.
Unlike wood and brass, PLASTRUCT traditional structural shapes require no priming or sealing to enhance its hard finish. Plastic can be sawn, blade cut, drilled, lathe-turned, carved, sanded and filled. 
Most standard woodworking tools can be used on plastic and it will not splinter. Plastic parts join in seconds with small amounts of liquid solvent cement such as PLASTRUCT plastic weld.