IJN Heavy Cruiser KUMANO WWII 1944 Sho Ichigo Operation 1:700 Fujimi F432496

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Commercialized by the new mold in the form of "Operation No. 1" in October 1964!
Not only the form difference with Mogami / Mikuma but also the slanted rear mast top different from Suzuya is precisely reproduced!

The special series is a 1/700 scale, offshore model that reproduces on the waterline. It is a ship model with excellent detail reproducibility due to detailed parts division and delicate sculpture expression.

Commercialized by the new mould in the form of "Operation No. 1" in October 1964! Not only the form difference with Mogami / Mikuma but also the slanted rear mast top different from Suzuya is precisely reproduced!

-The product is the motif of the 4th ship "Kumano" at the time of Operation No. 1 in October 1945 (Battle of Leyte).
-Parts with a cross-sectional shape of the hull different from Mogami / Mikuma, equipped with machine guns and electric probes modified from the war lesson at the beginning of the war are prepared as dedicated parts.

The hull structure
and mid deck level port side inclination are reproduced with special parts with different angles from the top model.
-Reproduced with special parts to close the porthole due to war lessons.
・ The port outside electric line is molded integrally with the hull, expressing a different running from Mogami / Mikuma.
・ The ship width near the shelter deck is 1.0mm (on the model) narrower than the top / Mikuma.

For the bridge / front mast / front mast
, Kumano-specific parts are available to reproduce the difference in height and girder height.
・ The front mast is equipped with one 21st probe and two 22nd probes.
・ Transparent parts are available for the bridge windows to create a more realistic finish.

Chimney / air intake / linoleum deck
, Suzuya / Kumano's characteristic thin chimney is available as special parts.
-Molded parts with the funnel cap in a "disconnected" state.
・ Designed to increase the precision as a separate part of the waste steam pipe.
-The canister air supply port under the chimney has different shapes and sizes compared to the top / Mikuma, with special parts.
-For the machine gun seat next to the chimney, special parts for Suzuya / Kumano are available.
・ Suzuya / Kumano exclusive parts are used for the air intake behind the chimney (under the search light).
-The linoleum deck is prepared as a special part because the arrangement of the cylinders and equipment is different from the top / Mikuma.

High-angle turret / aerial line support
, 12.7 cm continuous high-angle turret is a special part for Suzuya / Kumano, and the back of the seat is for Suzuya / Kumano with a protrusion.
-The aerial line support installed on the 3 / 4th main turret canopy is a special part that reproduces the unique shape of each ship.

The rear mast / rear bridge / crane
/ rear mast has a vertical top and is Y-shaped, and it is recreated with the electric search room exclusively for Kumano.
-Features crane arm parts different from Suzuya and light hole shape with precise engraving.
-Special parts are provided on the side of the rear bridge to reproduce the air supply port different from the top.

Shelter Deck / Aerial Work Deck
・ The shelter part equipped with the torpedo launch tube is three-dimensionalized based on the official figure including the spare torpedo storage area.
-The floor surface is reproduced with a delicate high-quality engraving strip pattern.
・ The catapult (Kure Shiki No. 2 type 5) realistically reproduces the side / upper surface molding with the slide mold.
-The air work deck reproduces the air supply port that was not at the top / Mikuma in the center slightly ahead.

molding color is gray to improve the workability of the carrier-based machine (prevent damage when the gate is cut).
-Two type-0 (three seats) surface reconnaissance planes and one type-0 surface observation machine are included.

Markings such as attached decals , warship flags, national flags, and Hinomaru of carrier-based aircraft are recorded.

The first production lot limited parts are included.
-The 25 mm machine gun (3 consecutive / consecutive / single) includes not only the parts included in the kit, but also precision machine gun parts that separate the barrel and rack.
・ Easy specification to attach gunmetal and warship color and then combine and run with each runner.

The special series is a general plastic model that uses paint and adhesive.
It was created in search of the true form of a Japanese Navy ship that everyone knows about, and it has been recreated with all the latest information currently known.
Using the latest mold technology, we have made possible delicate expressions.
You can learn history and historical background through the ship model.
It is a plastic model that can be enjoyed for generations.

* This product is made in Japan.
* This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

  • High quality Japanese made plastic kits 
  • Requires construction and painting 
  • Unique models not found with other manufacturers